KEY SCRIPTURE: Romans 6:16 ” Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?”

The last action word for us to consider as we look at how to live a victorious life is obey.

Obedience is to bring yourself under a regulation, instruction or command so that you do as directed. Obedience is always initiated by humility. Humility is an inner decision to do what God ask you to do. As you obey the word you build a resistance to sin. The more you do the word, the more sin can’t influence you. Obedience is the door way to divine approval. It is also the access to a divine encounter. Obedience is the consummation of one’s believe. Until you act on what you claim you believe you have not really believed.

James 2:26 says the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead. Act on the word of God. Many Christians complain about how weak they are. They ask, how I can become a strong Christian. To be a strong Christian simply obey the instructions of scripture. If the Bible ask you to stop a habit, quickly stop it. There are certain things that may not be sinful acts in themselves, but they may be weights to prevent you from making wide strides in your journey. An example is watching television for hours. It may not be sinful in itself but it deems your light and gradually quenches your fire. To obey the Lord just stop them.

Many people just keep praying asking the Lord to make them obey. Obedience is acting on what the word says. Philippians 2:13 says “for it is God which works in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure”. God is already at work in you both to will and to do. Please know that you have a superior power available within you. Just do as the word says and it will not be by your ability but by His ability. How do we work miracle in our lives? Miracles are divine acts or deeds that he works as we act on his word. Anytime we receive an instruction and obey or act on it a supernatural power takes over our human faculties.

All you need is the decision to follow up with the instructions. The moment you stay with the word to do it, God’s strength takes over and you do the particular thing not by your ability but God’s strength. Just act on the word.


Obedience to God in all things is the simple way to know Him on a more personal level. I always do what He says. I experience His presence and power as I honour his word in my life.


1 Samuel 15:22  “And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams”.

Hebrews 5:8 “Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered”;

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