KEY SCRIPTURE:2 Samuel 18:5 ” And the king commanded Joab and Abishai and Ittai, saying, Deal gently for my sake with the young man, even with Absalom. And all the people heard when the king gave all the captains charge concerning Absalom.”

Absalom had taken over Jerusalem and have sought counsel which instructed him to go after his father David to kill him. In our key scripture, David instructed his generals, Joab, Abishai and Ittai not to kill Absalom. Was David right in making this suggestion or instruction.? Absalom was his son yet he had become the very weapon of Satan to destroy David’s life. There are certain habits, actions and situations that work to destroy us. We must make sure that those things do not live. Every sin in your life is a direct weapon of Satan to destroy you, don’t let it live.   Absalom had become like sin in the life of David and must be destroyed if King David was to be at peace Proverbs 14:34 says “Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people”. A reproach is that which causes shame, or it will put you down. The scripture says it is a reproach to ANY people. Every sin must be destroyed from your life. It will destroy you if you allow it.

David set up his men for the battle with Absalom’s men by dividing them into three groups, and he had wanted to join in the battle, but was stopped by his men. They argued that   he would be the target of attack if he was seen. David listened to his men. Every leader must have a listening ear. It is not everything your people suggest that you have to follow, yet you have to think through whatever they suggest. You take your decision after a sober consideration of what was said.

During the battle Absalom’s men were slaughtered (2nd Samuel 18:7). Absalom realized the odds was against him, so he attempted running away. His hair which was so much got caught up to an oak tree. He hanged on the tree till Joab came and killed him. (2nd Sam 18:14) Absalom had no personal knowledge of God. He was a man pursuing a selfish ambition. He was acting against the will of God and was bound to fail.

Why could Absalom be so rebellious and fearless as to attack his own father seeking to kill him.? This problem was caused by his father David. He did not raise Absalom in the fear of God. With so many wives, concubines and children how could he have had time to attend to his children. Parents, remember the scripture that says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”(Proverbs 22:6). Every parent is the first sufferer from a bad son or daughter. Never leave your children to be raised by the society. They are your responsibility. Remember, what you do affects your children so much.


O father let every parent know that they play a big role in what their children become. May all parents give their best to raise godly children?


Ephesians 6:4 ” And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”.

Proverbs 22:6 ” Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

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