KEY SCRIPTURE: Psalms 72:7. “In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth”.

The rewards for the holy man are immense, and it is always advantageous to feed the mind with much reasons why a particular thing is necessary. A convinced mind easily yields to what it is convinced about.

25. God shall exalt the horn of the righteous. Psalms 75:10

“All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted”. The horn symbolizes the strength or glory of the animal. The righteous shall be glorified and exalted. The Lord the promoter of men would promote the righteous. Psalm 75:6. “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south”. It is the Lord who promotes and the righteous shall be exalted high.

26. The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree: Psalm 92:12

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon”. Once again God assures us of the glorious life of righteous man. He shall flourish like the palm tree. A palm tree is an amazing tree. It is a very fruitful plant in every aspect of it. The bible says the righteous shall grow like the cedar of Lebanon. This tree is a very tall tree and very strong .it is almost impregnable. This is the picture of a righteous man. He shall be higher in honor than all his peers. He is also indestructible.

27. The righteous shall be in remembrance forever: Psalms 112:6

“Surely he shall not be moved forever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance”. The scripture is saying God will always come through for the righteous man or woman. Certain life situations are quite deplorable and it seems the wicked may be having their way. The bible says the righteous would not be moved forever. If a colleague seems to be taking an advantage of you, please maintain your righteousness. Do not decide to retaliate.  God would judge your case and your adversary shall be the loser.

28. The voice of salvation and rejoicing are in the house of the righteous. Psalms 118:15

“The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly”. God answers and saves the righteous. Joy continually springs forth from the righteous because God delivers them. It is always a blessing and advantageous to take the path of the righteous.

29. The rod of the wicked shall not rest on the lot of the righteous. Psalms 125:3

For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity. This is a divine decree. The torment and affliction programmed by the wicked shall not stay on the righteous. Anytime evil seems to stay around your life unduly, please stand on this scripture and resist the enemy, and he will lift his rod of affliction from you. The Lord will deliver you because it is not your portion to be subjected to the dictates of the wicked.


I walk the path of the righteous and God promotes me, exalting my horn above all my adversaries. I will never be moved forever for I am always remembered by the Lord.


Proverbs 3:31-35, Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways. For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous. The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just. Surely, he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly. The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

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