KEY SCRIPTURE :2Peter 3:4 and saying, “Where is the promise of his coming? For, from the day that the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

Has Jesus delayed in coming back? This is a question posed by one who may be anticipating His coming back. To those who do not consider whatever the Bible says, they may say, He is not coming any way. Their popular song is “since it was written all these years that He is coming everything has been as it is and we have nothing changing”. This believe and assertion has driven many into passivity and carelessness. This ‘disease’ can attack some Christians who would neglect their Christian disciplines. They could become cold and indifferent to God’s call for commitment, service and holiness.

Dear one, don’t be deceived about the so-called delay: the signs that point to His, soon return are more convincing and clearer today, than just five years ago. The Bible spoke about the revelation of the antichrist who would enforce the use of a number on the forehead and righthand of all people. Rev 13:16 “He causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slave, to be given a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead;” Dear one, the Bible was written a great number of years ago with no knowledge of biochips in sight. There are a number of nations which has introduced the biochips. The stage is set for the revelation of the antichrist. Do you realize the world united bodies like the UN is very hostile to Christianity and the Bible? The Bible said iniquity would abound and indeed it is worse in our time than any other time. Civilization is supposed to be at its peak yet in almost all the elite nations, activities like homosexualism. Lesbianism, beastiality, and all kinds of trans gender practices are promoted and accepted. What should convince you further that we are getting to the close of the age, or the coming of the master. There have been clear signs in the heavenlies pointing to the coming of our Lord. Dear brother or sister do not be deceived His coming has not delayed.

Listen to what God says about you in the light of the so call delay. 2Pe 3:9 ” The Lord is not slow concerning his promise, as some count slowness; but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”. He says he has not delayed rather He is waiting on you to repent. He does not want you to perish in eternal fire. You would be the greatest loser to keep singing the chorus, He is not coming again, only to realize He has come. You are safer to accept His message and meet Him unashamed at His coming, than to be stubborn and meet Him unprepared. Note this: you have two major ways to meet Him. 1.When you die and depart this life you would meet His judgment. 2.You may also meet Him when He returns for the righteous.

YOU can be prepared to meet Him in death or when He comes the second time.  You must surrender your life to His lordship over your life today. You may pray the following prayer sincerely.


Dear Heavenly father, I repent of every rebellion to your word and your love for me. Forgive me my sins. I welcome Jesus to be the Lord of my life and savior of my soul. Thank you, Lord. Amen


2 Peter 3:17 ” You therefore, beloved, knowing these things beforehand, beware, lest being carried away with the error of the wicked, you fall from your own steadfastness.”

2Peter 3:15 “Regard the patience of our Lord as salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also, according to the wisdom given to him, wrote to you;”

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