KEY SCRIPTURE: Matthew 27:42 KJV” He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him”.

When the Lord Jesus hanged on the cross, the people mocked Him to prove that He is the king of the Jews. They also said, He claimed to save others, so he must come down, so that they would believe Him. Dear child of God, or servant of God, we don’t need any proving to any man that we are called of God. We are only to do what the Lord instructs us to do. A man’s ego could easily have been prompted to prove to the people that He is someone special. God had called on Jesus to die for humanity. Satisfying the demand or request of the people would have meant God’s agenda for Him and men had

 been jeopardized.

IT is sad to find certain ministers who always want to say what the people love to hear. 2Timothy 4:3 KJV” For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears”. Some preachers don’t want to hurt some rich and influential people in their midst.

There are two main motivations why people pray for the sick. They do so either to bring glory to God, or to prove a point to the people. Unfortunately, many falls into the later one. This is a way to prove how anointed they are, and so they miss the real influence of the Holy Spirit in such a time. Miracles are the works of the Spirit and must only be done with the Spirit’s instructions and to the honour of the Spirit and not anyone’s expectation. You are God’s man, so act for Him and not any person

Some Pastors have fallen from favor with God because, they followed the pressure of the people. King Saul is one such an example. The Lord asked him to go kill the king of Amalek as well as every other person. 1 Samuel 15:3. He conquered them all right, but failed to kill everyone and everything. When the prophet Samuel asked why he disobeyed the voice of God, he said the people made him do so. 1 Samuel 15:7–23

God rejected him because he failed to obey Him and rather obeyed the people. One’s ego always come to play when the people want things to be done in a way which does not necessarily come from the Lord. You must always hear from God and do just what He says, period!


I am called by God and sent to serve His people, so I take His instructions for the children of God. I always please God by doing what He says, irrespective of whether the people are pleased with it or not.


Matthew 16:22 & 23 ” Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men”.

Galatians 1:10 KJV” For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ”.

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