KEY SCRIPTURE: Phil 2:14 ISV “Do everything without complaining or arguing”

Our key scripture could be described as a command, and it must be obeyed strictly. The advanced English Dictionary gives the following meaning for the word complaint; express a complaint, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness. The Lord states that in dealing with Him we must not, better still never complain or murmur. Murmuring is the most serious. It is an expression of dislike or unhappiness about a thing, not to any second person in particular, but to your own self, in an undertone voice. Murmuring deeply hurts your peace, and could easily rob you of any motivation to do greater. The call not to murmur or complain in the context of our scripture applies mainly to our dealings with God and His work.

Every deed that relates to God demands strict compliance and trust. Num 14:27 ISV “How long will this wicked assembly keep complaining about me? I’ve heard the complaints of the Israelis that they’ve been murmuring against me. These Israelites in the above verse complained about the threats and dangers  of going into the promise land. There are other areas that the people of God may complain about.

1. Complaints about challenges in doing certain tasks.

2. Complaints about difficulties posed by some persons we have to deal with.

3.  Our personal shortcoming or inconsistencies.

4.  Complaints about delays in certain prayer requests we’ve made unto the Lord.

5. Complaining about our superiors that we relate to.

What would complaining do to us?

1. Complaining in relation to God is a way of expressing our unbelief in God, and that would

seriously hinder His power from working for us. Number 14:27

2. Complaining weakens your desire to go further. Luke 25:28-30

3. Complaining about your superiors may lead to discontentment, and subsequently into other further disloyal actions. 2nd Sam 15:3-6

4. God cannot do much in anyone who complains, Phil 2:15

In our subsequent studies, we would look at what we must do to avoid this wrong actions.


Thank you, father, for the Holy Spirit, our ever-abiding helper. Help us Holy Spirit to avoid complains and murmurings. Grant to us the inner strength to trust the Lord under all conditions. Teach us the better ways to express our grievances, that would not make it a complaint.


Gen 4:5 ISV ” but he did not look favourably upon Cain and his offering. When Cain became very upset and depressed,

Gen 4:8 ISV” Instead, Cain told his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the wilderness.” When they were outside in the fields, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.”


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