KEY SCRIPTURE: Psalms 35:13 KJV” But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom”.

King David declares he humbled his soul with fasting. It is very good to know how to fast and the right approach to do it. Fasting is an abstinence from food, so one could focus on God and His word. Some have fruit fast, that is they take fruit during the course of the fast. They may take it at certain intervals of the day, or when they break their fast in the evening. Most people fast till evening and break at 6 pm or 5 pm. Note, fasting in itself is a prayer. It is normally a desire for something that drives people into fasting. Prayer is also an expression of your desire. Fasting is a way of strengthening your desire. The intensity of your fast influences the intensity of your desire that also lays hold on the answer.

 One may decide to fast or it may be inspired by the Holy Ghost. Joel 2:15 KJV Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:( Fasting does not change God, yet it changes us to relate well towards God to receive from Him.) There are group fasting which are mostly an act or decision from the Spirit or from the leader of the group. Note this, fasting overnight for days intensifies one’s desire for answers than daily fasts that is broken in the evenings. A fast is made useless if one fasts for strife (Isaiah 58:4). This is the kind of fast one does in competition with another individual. It is not unto God, so it is a useless one. When abstaining from food becomes the project rather than the desire to see a change or transformation of some kind, then that fast is a fleshly pursuit, that has no benefit. Fasting is a means to see a change not an act to justify one’s abilities.

When fasting for a number of days, understand you would be feeling weak in your body for the first four days. You may be feeling hungry. Please note that the feeling of hunger is not real hunger, but is just a release of hunger hormones doing their usual job when you were eating. The moment the fast persists after four days, the body ceases to release those hormones because, the body did not respond to eat. The weakness will also stop and you may be feeling very energetic. The body feeds on stored carbohydrate(glycogen) for the first 24hrs and resorts to feeding on the fat stored in the body. (It is this process of the consumption of the body fat that makes fasting correct certain ailments like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, preventing stroke and other diseases), Real hunger comes after the body fat has been depleted, which normally occurs after so many days, depending on the amount of stored body fat. Most people’s body fat may be depleted after 40 days. This means a number of people can go on a long fast without food, yet taking water. It is most advisable to seek a doctor’s advice if you are under weight. During the course of your fast your urine colour will change to almost brown: please don’t be worried about it. The body at this stage is only giving out lots of toxins stored in it over a long period. You must not exert yourself during the period of the fast although you can get engaged in your normal office activities, even teaching, if your work is to teach. It is not advisable to exert yourself like playing football or a high energy consuming task.

The important aspect of your fast as a Christian is to give attention to Bible reading, prayer and meditation. Don’t get yourself involved in unscriptural activities, like watching certain films, chats, etc. You may listen to the preaching of God’s word. The next thing to consider is how to break your fast? Do not rush to break a long fast with strong or solid food. Don’t break your fast with processed products or foods. You may go for soft fruits like pawpaw, etc. Avoid soup with pepper on the first day of breaking the fast. You may continue this way on the second day after which you can take some cooked stuff, but not so strong stuff. By the fourth day you are ready to take most meals.


I pray heavenly father and receive strength to fast for various changes to take place in the lives of others and my life as well. I have received strength to rule over my flesh to do as I want to God’s glory. Thank you, father, for the great outpouring of your power to revive many lives. In Jesus name I’ve prayed.


Psalms 109:24 KJV My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness.

Matthew 4:2 KJV” And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungered”.

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