KEY SCRIPTURE: John 8:1 BBE” But Jesus went to the Mountain of Olives”.

The previous chapter concluded on the note that everyone left for his or her house, but Jesus went to the Mount Olives. Going to the mountain was definitely not to sleep or meet anyone. He went there to pray. The Lord maintained a very consistent prayer life. Please note that the night for the people in Jesus’ time, begins at six pm. The people dispersed at about Six pm and so for the next ten to twelve hours the Lord was in the presence of the Father praying and meditating.

Why did He have to pray so much? Our Lord Jesus had become a man and has also laid down His glory as God. Philippians 2:7 BBE “But he made himself as nothing, taking the form of a servant, being made like men;” The Lord made Himself nothing or He emptied Himself of all His glory as God (John 17:5). As a man He had to totally depend on the Father. Just consider how he prayed in the following verse. Hebrews 5:7 “Who in the days of his flesh, having sent up prayers and requests with strong crying and weeping to him who was able to give him salvation from death, had his prayer answered because of his fear of God.” This verse is very revealing. It informs us on one of the prayer points of Jesus. It also shows us how He prayed. Prayer was His life. He did not take His prayer times as something to look down on.  He knew that without prayer what God would want to do cannot be done.

The bible said from the beginning of creation God our father gave the dominion of the earth into man’s hands. God can only come into this earth to act for men after man has invited Him. The Lord went into the Mount Olives to pray, and had to stay there for ten to twelve hours. How long Do you spend praying? How intense is your prayer? Prayer meant so much to Jesus. Prayer meant absolute dependence on God.

 Prayer infused the nature and power of God into His body.

Prayer exposed Him to the mind and heart of God. Prayer gave the supernatural power of God to take over the weakness of man. Prayer gave Him access to enjoy His God nature, which He willingly put down.

Dear child of God, the devil cannot beat you if you consistently go on your knees in prayer. Do not allow sleep to rob you of that fellowship of prayer. Nothing in this world can defeat the man who wholly depends on God in prayer.


Father you are my strength and life. You are my hiding place my prayers lifts me from the ordinary human abilities to divine ability. My enemies are defeated on my knees in prayer. Glory be to God.



1Thess 5:17 BBE ” Keep on with your prayers.”

Luke 18:1 BBE “And he made a story for them, the point of which was that men were to go on making prayer and not get tired;”

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