KEY SCRIPTURE: John 8:35 KJV” And the servant abideth not in the house forever: but the Son abideth ever”.

In the verse of scripture before today’s key scripture, the Lord Jesus talked about the state of those who act against God’s word. He said the man who keeps sinning is a servant of sin. In our key scripture, the Lord explained that servants do not have a lasting habitation in the father’s house, or they do not have any inheritance in the father’s estate.

 Who is a servant in this context? Servants are hirelings who are brought into a man’s house to serve. This cannot be said of sons. Sons are heirs to the wealth of the father. Sons come from the loins of the Father and so their allegiance is to their father. The son as an heir, has no spirit of bondage, Gal 4:6 KJV” And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.”

 Sonship is liberty, sonship is having authority, and sonship means doing that which honours the Father.

Now. Let’s consider the state of servants. The Lord said they are servants of sin. They do not have any authority because they do not have any allegiance to the Father. Member the centurion in Matt 8:9 who said,” I am a man under authority and say to my servant go, and he goes and to another come and he comes….”. He meant, that because I am under the authority of Rome, I have the backing of the Roman empire to exercise that authority against anyone and anything.

 The man who is not yielded to serving righteousness but to serve himself and sin is left to the mercy of the evil powers of this world.

Dear brother and sister, the Lord says, if you serve sin then you are not part of his house or His kingdom. It is a miserable thing to be under the service of sin.

The Lord Jesus said the servant of sin cannot be in the house forever.

 Dear one, you may be among Christians yet, you keep living in sin, then be reminded that a time is coming that you can no longer be among Christians or the church. The Lord said you would not live in the house forever. This would happen at the final judgement when you would be cast into hell.

 The truth is, you can establish your place in the house today.

You can become a son. How can that be possible? Repent from the sins and surrender your life to the Lordship of Jesus today. DO not be deceived. Jesus meant what He said. Stop serving sin from today so you do not find yourself outside the house.


I am a son and abide in the house of God forever, because, the spirit of sonship rules in me, making me align with the ways and desires of my Father. I live under His authority and therefore I exercise His authority in my world. I have no fear of the devil for he is under my authority.



Rom 8:13 Easy English “If you live by your own human power, you will die. Instead, you should live by the power of God’s Spirit. Then you will continue to stop doing the wrong things that your bodies want to do. And, as a result, you will live.”

 Rom 8:17″ Easy English “And because we are God’s children, we will also receive good things from him. We will receive the things that God has prepared for his children. Also, together with Christ, we will receive the things that God has kept for him. We will receive these things if we agree to have troubles and pain, as Christ did. So then, as a result, we will also live always with God, who is so great and so good.”


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